Why you should Start Trading Cryptocurrencies using Snapbots

Blockchain. In simple terms, it is an information database made out of blocks of data. These blocks hold information on transactions globally and record it, allowing for a high level of transparency, thus maintaining a high level of security for users. This is a key reason for the rise in popularity of blockchain transactions in the past decade. As technology advances at a rapid pace, the world is starting to move towards a more digital society.

The security of blockchain technology, along with the potential value of cryptocurrency, has changed the way the world works, and will definitely impact the society greatly in the future. Companies such as PayPal have already authorized crypto transactions, further merging the online crypto world with the real world. This integration of the crypto system may also cause a great influx in the demand of cryptocurrency, bringing out the true value of the digital currency.

With Bitcoin(BTC) recently exceeding the 18,000 USD threshold, cryptocurrency is currently high in demand, with many people getting ready to jump on board. However, doing so may also incur varying levels of risk. After Bitcoin reached its all time high of 19,783 USD in Dec 2017, it crashed. Within a span of a few days, many lost a huge amount of money. To be able to avoid that, intuition is needed to take a pre-emptive measure. Though the current Bitcoin value is being built on a relatively strong foundation, losses may still be imminent.

To accurately analyse and predict chart movements is no easy feat, that is why many organisations today rely on the latest technology, Artificial Intelligence(AI), to perform this difficult task. Snapbots has recently rolled out AI bots for public usage. Snapbots is the world first decentralised AI Finance bots community, allowing users to purchase bots to rake in more income. Though the bots come at a cost, they can reduce human labour costs by replacing customer services for business, generate up to 3.9% profit a week via auto-investment, and replace broker services by doing wealth advisory. Not only that, bots also has multiple miscellaneous functions like face-swap, trading skills sharpening, etc. Snapbots also has its own currency, SNAPs. By using SNAPs, users will not only be able to cut costs on these high functionality bots, but also reduce the total SNAPs reserve pools. By doing so, SNAPs will decrease in supply and hence cause a rise in value.

Snapbots high-tech algorithms allow not only for maximum profit, but also sets a safety net for users in the case of sudden crashes. Just by simply placing cryptocurrency into a wallet, users can generate passive income hands-free. Unlike many crypto staking wallets, Snapbots also allows for a flexible lock, allowing users to take out currencies at any time if they are itching some action.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a rookie or a professional, Snapbots has a whole list of services that can suit your needs and requirements. It can not only trade, but also replace multiple human roles. With such large incentives along with the rise of cryptocurrency, why shouldn’t you use Snapbots?

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About Snapbots (by Snap Innovations)

SnapBots develop a community to buy or build financial Bots and humans that seek to maintain a self-sustaining Bot economy. SnapBots can leverage from the human community to crowdsourcing their knowledge for certain situations. The crowdsourcing activities help the Bots to learn extremely fast, optimize conditions and generate solutions.

About SNAP

SNAP is short for SnapBots Token based on Ethereum and that is used in SnapBots blockchain-based AI bots’ economy.

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